listening to daniel sharman reading the audiobook of ‘clockwork princess’ on my way to work is the best. and such a good way to start the day.

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the mindy project meme :  favorite episode

→ ❝ Sk8ter Man 

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My new life motto thanks to Mindy Kaling.

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First Clip Of Jackie & Ryan Movie 

ben barnes, a beard, a guitar and some bluegrass tunes… are you shitting me??? i need this movie. asap!

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*mic drop*

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trampled by turtles are finally coming to my hometown, but it will be in november, when i expect the avett brothers touring in europe… which i cannot miss under any circumstances. guess i just need to stay calm and hope that these dates won’t collaborate. But as life’s a bitch, i don’t have high hopes.

but at least i’m going to the adorable gregory alan isakov in october, life isn’t so bad at all.

a little update on this… by now i know that the avett brothers are probably in the studio and recording their new album and therefore won’t come to europe this year. i had a little personal meltdown bc of that but it turned out to be more of a blessing for me.
my colleague quit his job this week and i’m not able to take any more vacay days this year unless a new co-worker is fully incorporated… and as there isn’t anyone yet, this will take it’s time.

so right now i’m really happy that they won’t come to europe. i can’t even imagine how cruel it would be if they were here and i wouldn’t be able to attend any of their shows.

i also bought my ticket for trampled by turtles in november and i’m seeing bear’s den again in october. so right now, life’s good to me!

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Alone | Trampled by Turtles

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some people have sex in the kitchen

i eat in my bed

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sunday furday

i love autumn. the leaves fall and die like my hopes and dreams


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